CDFinder Video Tutorial: New Features of CDFinder 5.7

The new CDFinder 5.7 has an amazing list of new features, including much better cataloging, and even built-in geotagging!


Welcome to the New Features of CDFinder 5.7

Hi, my name is Norbert M. Doerner, and I am the developer of CDFinder.

I am very proud to present you the brand new CDFinder 5.7, the best disk cataloger ever!

The new features in groups:

CDFinder has always supported MP3, AAC (those iTunes files), AIFF, and Windows WAVE files.
Due to popular demand, we have added two more formats: FLAC (the free audio lossless codec), and ALAC (Apples own lossless codec). Of course, CDFinder catalogs all important metadata, the duration, tags, artist, and even cover art and lyrics. Cool!

A nice thumbnail is worth more than a thousand words, so CDFinder now has thumbnails for even more document formats. Apple Pages and Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and even Quark XPress. Isn't that nice?

How about text files? Wouldn't it be cool if CDFinder could peek into those as well and give you a small preview, so you have an idea what is in the file? Yes, that would be cool and CDFinder can now do that!

Supported formats include .doc and .docx from Microsoft Office, TXT, RTF, NFO and textClipping files. CDFinder will read the first 256 characters, display them in the Inspector, and of course search them.

Turn that on in the Cataloging Preferences here!

One important new feature you hopefully won't even see is the new metadata cataloger in CDFinder, it is much more stable now.

And you can finally export photos directly from CDFinder! Select a couple of them, open the context menu, and "Export Photos to...". Then tell CDFinder where to place them, what format and size you want, and if you need metadata. That's all! Hit Export, and CDFinder will just write them, all ready be to uploaded to web services, or sent by email, or whatever.

QuickLook is back! Apple has gone through great length to make it impossible for Carbon apps to open the QuickLook window in Snow Leopard. But hey, a challenge is a challenge, and so again in CDFinder 5.7, all you have to do is select some files that are currently online, it the Space bar, and voila, QuickLook is back!

We have improved cataloging a lot. Not only does CDFinder 5.7 gather more and better metadata, as you saw, but updating very large catalogs is now a LOT faster than before. And we are talking million files here, for the huge server disks that CDFinder makes searchable.

For those, we keep getting requests for some form of automatic and time controlled updating of catalogs. Well, we didn't want to add a complex calendar user interface to CDFinder, so we figured that iCal is a decent calendar, and iCal is able to schedule Automator Actions. So, CDFinder 5.7 now has an Automator Action to catalog or update any disk. And with iCal, you can schedule that in any way you want. Splendid. There will be a special video tutorial about that soon.

We have also improved cataloging of folders. You knew that CDFinder can also catalog just folders, right? Anyway, if you catalog a folder, CDFinder will now display the data size of all items in that folder properly, and it will also grab any custom icon of that folder for the CDFinder catalog icon. Nice.

The cool GeoFinder is the tool to search for photos taken at specific locations, and we figured its beautiful map would be the perfect choice to add fresh geotags to your photos as well. So, here it goes: Hit a place in GeoFinder, select a couple of photos in your catalog, and open the context menu. There it is: "Set GPS Location from GeoFinder". It is that simple.

CDFinder will not only update its catalog with the new coordinates, but write it into your photo files as well! (RAW included!) And uh, if you use Google Earth, yeah, CDFinder can read the current position from that as well.
And who discovers another nice enhancement in GeoFinder?

And there is one more thing!
Domo Arigato! CDFinder is now translated into Japanese as well! Not that I would understand a single word, sorry, but it sure looks nice, and is very helpful for our Japanese CDFinder users, of course.

Uh, I lied, there are many more things in CDFinder 5.7, little details and improvements. Please check them out in the CDFinder Blog, and just try them yourself!

OK, here is another one: Select a photo, and open the Copy context menu. Look at that! You can now copy the preview, the thumbnail. Excellent. Could we use that as the icon of a catalog? Yep, we can! Open the Get Info window, hit "Paste Icon", done. Now is that cool, or what?

Thanks for watching, and I hope you will enjoy the new CDFinder as much as I do!