NeoFinder Sample Use - Musician

As a Musician, you very likely have a huge archive of partially finished songs or ideas. And audio data can become very large very quickly.

So you copy the files to backup disks and archive disks (or burn them on DVDs or Blu-ray disks), and then you look at your stack of these and wonder where what particular song is located, right?

Or you have a large collection of valuable Audio-CDs, and you need to keep track of them.

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And if you just love music, you probably have a large number of Audio-CDs, and likely a large number of other audio files, maybe in AIFF, MP3, or AAC format.

NeoFinder is just the right tool for you! Use NeoFinder to control your entire disk library!

NeoFinder reads all
meta data from MP3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, and ALAC (Apple Lossless), WAV, and BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) files, including song title, album, year, genre, bit rate, sample rate, duration, even the lyrics and the cover art!

Due to popular demand by some high profile music studios, we have also added
Sound Designer 2 cataloging!

All your
Audio-CDs are also catalogued by NeoFinder, with a little help of the MusicBrainz internet database.

And now
NeoFinder also catalogs the ISRC, MCN, and CD-TEXT data of these disks now!

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