MP3-Info 2.0 The iTunes Companion
by NeoFinder chief developer Norbert M. Doerner

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5, or 10.6
Price: MP3-Info is free, but a Donation for chocolate is appreciated!
Version: 2.0 of October 7, 2009

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What is MP3-Info?
MP3-Info is a clever companion that helps you organize your music collection. It is essentially a Plug-in for the Finder and iTunes.
MP3-Info displays valuable information about audio files, such as their duration, the bitrate, important MP3-Tags, such as the artist, the title of the song, lyrics, cover art, and some more. That saves you a lot of time managing your song collection. It also shows these information for AAC files created by iTunes, and WAV, and AIFF files.
And that is only the beginning! MP3-Info also allows you to rename your song files based on their tags, or find similar songs in your NeoFinder collection, and much more!

Video Tutorial:

How to install MP3-Info
Just drag the application from its downloaded DMG (Disk Image) into your Applications folder.

How to remove MP3-Info
Simply drag the into the Trash. That is all.

How to update to a newer version
Download the new version and replace in your Applications folder with the new version.

What does MP3-Info cost?
Well, it's free!! Just use it and enjoy.
Of course, if you appreciate this tool, we are very happy for a small donation. The MP3-Info window has a donation button. Just click in that, and you will be guided to a Paypal web site where you can make your much appreciated donation.
This is only possible because MP3-Info uses the powerful and proven MP3/AAC/AIFF/WAV code that I had already written for NeoFinder. To find out more about the popular media cataloger NeoFinder, just visit and download a free test version.

What information does MP3-Info display?
Select one song file in Finder. Then use the context menu, or the global services menu to quickly open MP3-Info. In its beautiful main window, you can grasp all important tags contained in that song file at once.

Main window of MP3-Info

Starting on the left side of the window with the cover art, if the song file actually has one. Should you see only a generic icon here, but full cover art in iTunes, you know that iTunes again didn’t store that cover art in the actual song file, but only in its private library. Bad iTunes! ;-)

All other important tags of the song are displayed throughout the window in several groups, there are duration and bitrate, song title, album name, artist, track number. Also, the composer, year, genre, comment, and encoder application are shown, all in one nice window!

If the song contains lyrics, the Lyrics button is enabled, and will show a nice extra window, that you can close again at any time, of course, with the full lyrics. This also supports the podcast description field.

And to tell the world of the song you are currently playing, we have added a cool Tweet button. One click, and everyone knows what music you like. This feature uses a web browser and your Twitter account.

With MP3-Info, you have the choice of following your current Finder selection, or even working directly with Apples iTunes! That includes the currently playing song, or the selected title. Isn’t that amazing?

Of course, you can resize the MP3-Info window if you don’t want to see certain items, just drag it to your preferred size and position, it is that easy.

And MP3-Info can do a lot more for you! We have thrown in a close connection to the popular media manager NeoFinder. With just one simple click, you can find all similar songs in your NeoFinder archive library. Let’s try the song title “Give A Little Bit”: Yep, I have a lot of different versions of that song in my catalog archive. Or find all songs of that year… or even the entire set of songs of the same genre. That is pretty cool!

Sometimes, the name of a song file isn’t really revealing about its content. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to rename the file? Yes, that would be nice, and MP3-Info can help you with that job. Select one of several possible name schemes, and the file will get a new name with just one click. That was simple indeed.

While MP3-Info can only show you the meta tags, you may wish to edit them. There are three major tools for the job, and MP3-Info can connect to all of them. Use either the slightly older ID3X, or The Tagger, or Media Rage for that task, all three are available directly from inside MP3-Info. (You need to install these additional third-party products as well, if you wish to use them)

And finally, MP3-Info also supports m4a or AAC audio files created by iTunes, as well as AIFF songs, with the full set of tags, and even WAV files.

I am still using Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger)?
In that case, please keep on using the older MP3-Info CMM 1.5.

What is new in MP3-Info 2.0?
  • MP3-Info is now an application, because Apple has killed the Context Menu Modules in Snow Leopard, most unfortunately!
  • MP3-Info now follows either your Finder selection, or the current iTunes song, or the iTunes selection. This makes MP3-Info an amazing iTunes companion!
  • Lyrics are being displayed in a separate window. That way you can finally see the lyrics of the current song in iTunes while it is playing, without messing with the iTunes controls!
  • Cover Art is being displayed, if it is enclosed in the actual song file
  • Integration into allows you to tell the world what song you are currently listening to (uses a web browser)
  • Three different tag editing apps can be connected: ID3X, The Tagger, and Media Rage
  • Find similar songs in your NeoFinder library with one easy click

Legal stuff
The application "MP3-Info" and all included materials are protected by copyright law. You may not disassemble it or modify it with similar tools.
You may copy the program together with all additional documents as often as you want, as long as you don't modify any part of it. You may not sell it or use it commercially in any other way without my written consent.
If you want to distribute MP3-Info on a shareware collection CD-ROM or something similar, you must inform me by e-mail or a written letter. I'd also like to have a copy of the CD-ROM, or the magazine, if possible...
I am in now way responsible for any damage occurring as a result of the use of the software