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Locr for iPhoto

by NeoFinder chief developer Norbert M. Doerner, 2009


This new plug-in for iPhoto allows you to upload your photos to the popular Locr service directly from within iPhoto. This works for one or several selected photos as well as for entire albums. Along with the photos, their geotags, their description, as well as any keywords are being sent. Additionally, the plug-in sends any Place information you may have set in iPhoto 8 to the server. The uploaded photos can be stored into new, or existing albums.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5, and iPhoto 7 or iPhoto 8
Price: Locr for iPhoto is free!
Version: 1.0 of March 9, 2009

Video Tutorial:

How do I install "Locr for iPhoto"?
Simply download the DMG (disk image) file using the Download button above. Open that disk image, and run the installer it contains. The plug-in will be installed into /Library, so that all users on your Mac can use it. Then start iPhoto. Done. View the video tutorial to see how the plug-in is used.

I don't have a Locr account?
You should really change that quickly. Simply sign-up for free!

Must my photos have a geotag prior to uploading?
No, geotags are helpful, but not required. After uploading your photos, you can still add geotags to them on the Locr website in a very comfortable way.

Did you write any other cool software that supports geotags?
Yes, actually, we do. If you are interested in geotagging, the free GPS-Info CMM will be a great extension of the contextual menu for you. It displays any embedded geotag directly in the Finder, and allows you to view that place in Google Earth, and several web sites, and more.
And our powerful flagship application NeoFinder, a full-fledged disk cataloger, has extensive geotagging support. With its GeoFinder, you can find photos taken anywhere in the world, and it offers KMZ export and more. Our NeoFinder video tutorials are already covering some of these abilities.

How do I know which photos I have uploaded already?
After a successful upload of a photo, Locr for iPhoto adds the URL of your photo on the Locr server to its description field. If you had previously entered such a description already, the URL will be added at the end of that, of course.

Which file formats are supported?
JPG, all RAW formats that iPhoto supports, and TIFF. Since Locr uses JPG, this fine plug-in converts the uploaded copies of your photos to JPG for you automatically.

I use a different language than English, is Locr for iPhoto also available in my language?
This new iPhoto plug-in comes in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Dutch, all in one package.

Is there a similar plug-in for Apples Aperture?
Yes, there is! With Locr for Aperture, you can now also upload your photos from Aperture. More...

Can I use the places I have set up in iPhoto 8 as geotags?
Yes, we can! Normally, iPhoto doesn't surrender any geotag information about its photos, they are currently even omitted when a photo is exported. But our clever NeoFinder team has found a way to access that data anyway.

And this cool plug-in is really free?
Yes, it really is. The NeoFinder team has used a lot of know-how from the main NeoFinder development process (the cool NeoFinder of course also uploads photos to Locr!), and so we had decided to make this plug-in free.
Of course, we would appreciate a donation to buy chocolate for the development team, just use this button here:
And we also appreciate feedback, so please let us know what you think!