CDFinder Transporter (iView)

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This beautiful piece of software is now fully integrated in NeoFinder 6!

To accommodate the many users of iView MediaPro and Microsoft Expression Media media catalog software tools in desperate need of an alternative cataloging solution, the NeoFinder team has come up with a new option.

The search is over - we present you CDFinder Transporter (iView)!

Welcome to the CDFinder Transporter (iView) - Screenshot

The Transporter is a tool to help you convert your existing iView and Expression Media catalogs to CDWinder/NeoFinder catalog files. It transfers all available file information, metadata, and even existing preview thumbnails. The converter application guides you through the necessary steps, and lets you watch as your media is transferred to its new home in your NeoFinder database.

The data gathered includes file system information, MP3 tags (as far as iView supports them), EXIF data including GPS Info tags, and a complete set of IPTC information. All available information is used to reconstruct a volume based representation, as you are used from NeoFinder. Large iView catalogs from different sources will be split into several NeoFinder catalogs, one for each volume.

CDFinder Transporter (iView) - Screenshot2

This amazing feature is now directly integrated into NeoFinder!