NeoFinder, the leading disk and data cataloging, and archive management solution for the Apple Macintosh.


NeoFinder 6.8

10 MB (64bit, Mac OS X 10.6.8, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, or 10.11 El Capitan)
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Try NeoFinder today! Just download NeoFinder now, and test its features for free.

The download is a fully operational
free trial version of NeoFinder.

It is identical to the purchased version, except that it allows for only 10 catalogs.

This limitation is removed once a license is purchased and activated in NeoFinder.

NeoFinder is also
available for iPhone and iPad!

Updates from CDFinder?
You can find the update here.
All updates require a
valid CDFinder user license of the same number of users (or for a cross-grade, a valid license of the other product)
Of course, we also offer
updates for all other license packs in any size, please contact us for an offer!

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NeoFinder and CDFinder for older Mac OS versions

For Mac OS X 10.5:
For Mac OS X 10.4:
CDFinder 5.7.3.dmg
For Mac OS X 10.3:
CDFinder 4.7.dmg
For Mac OS X 10.2:
CDFinder 4.6.3.dmg
For Mac OS 9:
CDFinder 4.3.3.sit

abeMeda (was CDWinder) for Windows
This separate application for Windows can be found here:

More useful downloads from the NeoFinder team:

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MP3-Info 2.0 (Finder and iTunes extension to view and use the MP3 tags of song files, including lyrics and cover art)
Locr DropBox (Stand-Alone Uploader to the service)
Locr for iPhoto (iPhoto Plugin to export photos directly to
Locr for Aperture (Aperture Plugin to export photos directly to

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