CDFinder im Podcast MacBreak Weekly!

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Wieder gibt es eine neuen, positiven Bericht über CDFinder. Diesmal ist es ein Podcast von MacBreak Weekly.

Alex Lindsay sagt unter anderem: (ab etwa Minute 49 im Podcast, weitere Infos)

"We have 120 drives or something here... for backups and stuff. We run it through DiskTracker, which is kind of stone-age technology, to keep track of it.... CDFinder just builds a database of every file name that is on that drive, and if you are doing lots and lots of backups, you just scan these drives, and now you can just very quickly find what file is on what drive. We are just starting to use CDFinder, and as soon as I did the first scan, of my internal drive, I was like get rid of DiskTracker. CDFinder is light-years ahead of DiskTracker..."

Hören Sie den gesamten Podcast review (in Englisch)