Weiterer CDFinder-Bericht in Mac Recon

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Der sehr populäre Mac-Blog Mac Recon hat einen äußerst positiven Bericht über CDFinder 5.1 veröffentlicht.

Unter anderem schreiben sie:

"CDFinder has a very clean, yet attractive, interface that works out perfectly and actually boosts its productivity. Some may even look at it as a streamlined Finder window because of how easy it is to gain access to any file within it.
But all the cataloguing would be useless if it didn’t have equally
powerful organizing and searching features. Fortunately, it does.
CDFinder is extremely powerful. It’s capable of handling millions of files (hard to test in a computer lab environment, though), and everything seems perfect."

Lesen Sie den gesamten Bericht (in Englisch)

Das CDFinder-Team ist begeistert, schon wieder einen so wundervollen Bericht über CDFinder zu erhalten. Danke schön!!